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  • 7 Jan 2020

    RCN Submission to the Pay Review Body 2020-21

    Publication Code : 009046

    This year’s submission from the Royal College of Nursing to the Pay Review Body sets out to support the joint union submission.

  • 7 Jan 2020

    A Safety Representative's Resource: Staffing for Safe and Effective Care

    Publication Code : 007722

    This resource has been developed by safety representatives, for safety representatives. It will support us to recognise health and safety problems linked to unsafe staffing levels, from poor moving and handling practice to missed breaks and long working hours. This document recognises the role that learning representatives and stewards can take and how we can work together as a team. It also recognises the supporting role of RCN staff when we are faced with challenging issues or organisations that don’t act on our findings.

  • 7 Jan 2020

    Joint Union Submission to the NHS Pay Review Body 2020-21

    Publication Code : 009047

    This submission focuses on the implementation of the pay agreement in England whilst providing commentary on recruitment, retention and motivation trends.

  • 18 Dec 2019

    Reps campaigning booklet

    Publication Code : 007 937

    This booklet is part of a wider resource pack for use by all RCN representatives, wherever you’re based. Accompanying it is a poster (see 007 936) and some downloadable guidance. This includes checklists and templates to support you, as you work with members on your chosen campaign. All of the items can be found by logging into the reps area of MyRCN.  

  • 18 Dec 2019

    Reps campaigning poster

    Publication Code : 007 936

    The key to every campaign is involving members in activities based on the values and issues they care most about. This poster will help you plan a successful campaign in your region.  

  • 10 Dec 2019

    Female Genital Mutilation

    Publication Code : 007 833

    This comprehensive guidance considers many aspects of FGM from its history to contemporary socio-cultural, legal and clinical components to aid raising awareness and improving the quality of care to those who have been adversely affected by FGM. Replaces 005 447.  

  • 9 Dec 2019

    Working with Dogs in Health Care Settings

    Publication Code : 007 925

    A protocol to support organisations considering working with dogs in health care settings and allied health environments.

  • 6 Dec 2019

    The UK's future immigration system

    Publication Code : 009 000

    Member briefing on the UK’s potential future immigration system and how this could impact nursing.

  • 2 Dec 2019

    Nursing University Education in England

    Publication Code : 007 996

    Member briefing on the impact of decreasing applications to nursing courses on safe and effective staffing. This briefing was updated on 23 December 2019.

  • 2 Dec 2019

    Public Health in England

    Publication Code : 007 997

    Member briefing on public health and the impact of financial pressures on the delivery of public health services in England.

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