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Regional board

The Yorkshire and the Humber board works to advance the work of the RCN in this region in accordance with the aims and objectives of the RCN as set out in our Charter.

The board meets three times a year and its meetings include an open session which all Yorkshire and Humber region members are welcome to attend as an observer. The next meeting will take place on Friday 23 September 2022.  

More details about meetings and events can be found on the RCN Yorkshire and Humber Facebook page.

If you would like to contact a board member, attend a meeting of the board or request a copy of the minutes of the open session then please email

Board member Name
Roy Tomlinson
Vice-chair  Tracey McErlain-Burns
UK Council members

Carol Popplestone

North Yorkshire Betty Owino & Roy Tomlinson
East Yorkshire Melanie Barnard-Blyth, Olatunde George, John Hill, Jane Elizabeth Tooke & Shingirai Dzapasi
South Yorkshire Tracey Slater & Sophie Glazik        
West Yorkshire Karen Al-Muhandis, Rachel Binks & Tracey McErlain-Burns 
Board member ex-officio (RCN Professional Nursing Committee member) Rachel Hollis 
Board member ex-officio (RCN Trade Union Committee member) Anne Penny

Page last updated - 29/06/2022