Information about pay in Scotland.

Nursing pay

Here you can find information about pay for nursing staff in Scotland.

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Get informed and make sure you have your say on the Scottish government pay offer to NHS staff for 2021-22.

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Independent sector and non-NHS staff

The pay deal and current negotiations on pay reform are for staff employed in the NHS only. 

The RCN believes all health and social care employers need to have a pay system that is competitive with the NHS. 

Some are based on NHS structures, some are set independently and in some instances pay rates are dictated by budgets. 

We anticipate that improvements in NHS pay will have a positive effect on pay in other sectors. 

Find our more about pay, terms and conditions in NHS Scotland on the Scottish Terms and Conditions Committee website.

If you have any questions about the pay deal, pay reforms or nursing pay in general, please contact 

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Page last updated - 08/07/2021