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We are proud to work in partnership with LV=, Lighthouse and RCNLaw. As a member you would benefit from a wide range of exclusive offers and advice.


As a member of the RCN, you're entitled to exclusive discounts and savings on a range of LV= insurance products.

Lighthouse Financial Advice

You can benefit from RCN’s partner by receiving affordable expert financial advice.
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Our legal experts can provide advice and assistance with Wills, Probate or Power of Attorney for you, your family and friends.

RCN members also have access to a number of exclusive discounts from home entertainment, health and wellbeing, to everyday shopping...


In 2020, members who used RCNXtra earned 11.2 million WoWPoints.

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If you use RCNXtra for all of your purchases, like your weekly shop or your car insurance, you could save more than the cost of your membership. 

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  • money off your weekly shop
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On RCNXtra over 80% of all purchases offer you the chance to save WOWPoints, these are loyalty points that you can earn when you shop through RCNXtra. 100 WOWPoints are worth £1 and you can spend them with hundreds of retailers on RCNXtra for whatever it is you love: Travel, Electronics, Cinema, Gifts and more!

Collecting WOWPoints, is simple - search for the retailer, visit their site by clicking Shop Now, and purchase as normal. The retailer will notify RCNXtra of your transaction within 3-7 days and WOWPoints, will be added to your account.

The good news is they never expire so get saving for that special gift.

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