NHS Mileage rates

NHS mileage allowance

If you drive or use public transport for work, you may be able to claim back the costs. Get information about the rates and who is eligible here.

The NHS mileage allowance is available to nursing staff on Agenda for Change contracts, or those with Agenda for Change mileage allowances built into their contracts. If that is you, you can claim for all work-related travel, except your commute between home and work.  If you are employed in the NHS in Wales a different arrangement exists.  Visit the Health in Wales website for the Agenda for Change mileage rates for the NHS in Wales.

Mileage reimbursement rates for work-related car travel

56p per mile for the first 3,500 miles
then 20p  for each additional mile

Other reimbursement rates

You can also claim:

  • 20p per mile for travel by bicycle
  • 28p per mile for travel by motorcycle or public transport
  • 56p per mile for travel to required training
  • 5p per mile for transporting work-related passengers
  • 3p per mile for transporting bulky work-related equipment.

How to claim

To claim for the costs of your work-related travel, follow your employer's policy. You can speak to your local human resources team for more information.

How rates are calculated

All mileage rates are regularly recalculated by the NHS Staff Council, taking into account the changing costs of motoring overall and fuel.

The NHS mileage allowance may not cover all the extra costs of driving for work, but it is intended to be a meaningful contribution towards it.

If you feel the reimbursement levels are leaving you out of pocket, speak to your manager about how your work could be organised differently to make sure you don’t have to travel excessively.

NHS Employers website

Visit the NHS Employers website for more information on the NHS mileage allowance.

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