RCN review of membership categories

Latest update

In early 2020, you may remember we invited all members to give their views on making the College more inclusive of the whole nursing profession.  

No matter which of the many nursing roles you perform, your professional development and employment rights are equally important to us. 

There was support for a new single, equitable and inclusive 'one membership' model to replace our three existing membership categories - students, nursing support workers and registered nurses. 

A change on this scale is not straightforward as our member categories are embedded in the structure and governance of the RCN. However, there is clear support for the fundamental principle of making RCN membership valuable to all and allowing the RCN to keep pace with changes in the nursing profession and the lives of those who work in it.  

The pandemic has caused a significant delay with this work, but we are working on new plans and will propose them to your elected members before a further consultation. But, our principle remains the same: members should be equally respected for the contribution they make to excellent patient care and not be divided by job title.