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Care Homes in the South West

Welcome to our page dedicated to nursing staff working in the care home sector.

Whether you are a registered nurse, a care assistant, a support worker, a trainee, student, a care home manager or owner, you will find something here relevant to your work.

Join the RCN

If you are part of the nursing workforce and aren’t already a member you can read more about the benefits of joining on our membership page, including:

  • advice – our confidential advice service is there to help you with workplace issues, your career, welfare rights and more.
  • workplace support - you’ll never be alone: we have reps across the UK, in all sectors, to support you if you need advice or help at work.
  • learning resources - access to online learning resources, First Steps, local learning events and Europe’s largest nursing library
  • legal support - enjoy peace of mind with access to the largest legal team of any nursing union in the UK. We're there for you. 

Clinical resources

We have clinical resources to support your work such as:

First Steps

First Steps

The Royal College of Nursing brings you First Steps for Health Care Assistants to support you either individually or as part of your workplace induction programme, to learn in your own time the most important factors to get you started in your health care career. First Steps has been developed around the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework and codes and standards for each of the UK countries. First Steps maps to a range of National Occupational Standards that can be printed off in the form of an assessment checklist that you could use to form the basis of a portfolio of learning. 


We have RCN networks to support you in your work including: 

Care home journey 

This resource allows you to follow a resident’s care home journey through from pre-admission to end of life, or to simply access individual sections to meet your learning needs and seek clinical inspiration. 

Care homes resource subject guide

Use this guide to find information resources about care homes, nursing homes and residential care for older people including books, reports and journal articles. 


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic we have produced guides to support our members through the changing health landscape. 

On our COVID-19 webpages you will find clinical guidance, personal and wellbeing support, employment guidance and information.

Publications and posters 

RCN publications cover a wide range of topics varying from clinical guidance to employment relations issues to advice on bullying.

These publications might be of interest for you: 

We also produce a range of posters including:


The RCN Magazines team has recently produced a fantastic series of articles themed around care home nursing. 

Page last updated - 16/06/2022