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Quality and Safety Bulletin

All the latest in quality and safety with the RCN's Quality and Safety Bulletin. 

If you'd like to keep up to date with all the latest in quality and safety, you can subscribe to the Quality and Safety Bulletin. The Bulletin highlights the professional work of the RCN and features all the latest news on the following: quality improvement, patient safety, evidence-based practice, patient and staff-focused care and eHealth.

Nurses in maternity care

New RCN report on nurses in maternity care

This report has been produced from the analysis of a workforce survey designed to explore the employment and role-specific training and continuing professional development (CPD) of registered nurses and unregistered support staff working in maternity services across the UK.

The report was informed by two documents, also now available online.

Read the report: Nurses in maternity care

RCN highlights

The latest news from the RCN on professional issues including publications, policy briefings, events and NICE consultations.


RCN calls for clarity on how proposed NHS pension changes

The RCN has called for clarity on how proposed NHS pension changes will affect nursing staff.


RCN and Caring Homes Group sign national learning agreement

The RCN and Caring Homes Group have signed a national learning agreement to promote and support lifelong learning.

Quality improvement

Learn more about developments in quality improvement through content giving practice examples, describing tools, learning through innovation and case studies, commentary and statistics.

Healthcare Inspectorate Wales

National review of maternity services

The Healthcare Inspectorate Wales has launched a national review of maternity services across Wales.

Royal College of General Practitioners

Physical activity and lifestyle toolkit

The Royal College of General Practitioners, in partnership with Sport England, has launched a physical activity and lifestyle toolkit.

Patient safety

Follow this theme to discover what patient safety means as a practice. We share learning from practitioners, and researchers and findings from the developing field of human factors in healthcare.


Consider shorter courses when prescribing antibiotics

NICE has asked GPs to consider shorter courses when prescribing antibiotics. People are being prescribed unnecessarily long courses of antibiotics, which may increase their risk of developing antibiotic-resistant infections.

Patient Safety Learning

New Patient Safety Learning Hub

A new Patient Safety Learning Hub has been developed for everyone with a professional or personal interest in patient safety to share and learn from one another.

Evidence based practice

This theme explores what it means to practise in line with best available evidence. It highlights evidence based practice guidelines, research and other tools and updates on evidence based techniques and processes from across the UK. International content from credible resources is also included.

BBC Health

Alzheimer's blood test 'one step closer'

Researchers say they can accurately identify people on track to develop Alzheimer's disease before symptoms appear, which could help the progress of drug trials.

NICE Talks

Maternal and child nutrition, how do we get it right?

What is a healthy diet during pregnancy and how can make sure our newborns have the best start in life? To find out NICE speaks to Judith Jones who worked on our maternal and child nutrition quality standard and Orla Hugueniot, who is a senior campaign nutritionist at Public Health England.

Patient focus

Patient focus looks at the issues that relate to partnership working and shared decision making. It covers people’s human rights including the right to privacy and confidentiality.


Healthwatch charts experience of service users with a sensory impairment

In the UK, almost 2 million people are living with sight loss. Find out what people have said it is like using NHS services when you have a sensory impairment or loss.

Patient Experience Journal

The Role of Technology and Innovation in Patient Experience

This latest special issue of Patient Experience Journal focuses on the role of technology and innovation in patient experience. The articles included in this issue will help you to think about the ideas of innovation and health information technology (HIT) in some new and interesting ways.


eHealth covers the ways technologies can act as key enablers in delivering healthcare in today’s society. It’s much more than any one type of technology or device. We are seeing the appearance of new operational models supported by technology.

Care Quality Commission

Driving improvement through technology

Technology in health and care services is growing in importance. Digitally enabled care can offer significant benefits both to people who use services and those who run and deliver them. These case studies illustrate some of the developments in use and testing.

NHS Wales Informatics Service

The future is mobile for the Welsh Clinical Portal

The Welsh Clinical Portal app is an innovative development from the NHS Wales Informatics Service to help the medical workforce go about their daily tasks more effectively.

Staff focus

This theme highlights health and morale of the workforce. A positive working environment benefits staff and patients. Creating the best possible working conditions for nursing staff enables them to deliver the highest standards of patient care.

Queen's Nursing Institute

The General Practice Nurse Education Network

The Queen’s Nursing Institute (QNI) has been funded by NHS England to develop a network to support General Practice Nurses. This network is part of a number of initiatives arising from the General Practice Nursing Ten Point Plan.

Changes to overseas registration process

NHS consultants can refer patients to private hospitals in which they have a stake

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has been working towards a new, streamlined overseas registration process for nurses and midwives, launching at the end of September 2019.

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Advanced nurse practitioner conference

RCN Advanced Nurse Practitioner conference 2019

This one day conference will provide a professional update on clinical issues and practice, disseminate research about and by ANPs, showcase innovation and service developments and offer a networking opportunity for ANPs.

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