RCN accredited advanced nursing practice programmes

Find out more about the Masters level advanced nursing practice programmes that are accredited by the RCN

All the programmes listed on this page have been assessed against the combined RCN Advanced Nurse Practitioner Accreditation and Quality Assurance Standards. 

This accreditation means that the RCN has deemed these programmes as being up to date, of the highest quality and effective in educating nurses to an Advanced Practice level.

Students who successfully complete an RCN accredited MSc programme automatically qualify for the RCN Credential in Advanced Level Nursing Practice.


Anglia Ruskin University

MSc/PG Dip Advanced Nursing Practice

City University of London

MSc Advanced Clinical Practice and MSc Advanced Clinical Practice (Apprenticeship)

London South Bank University

PG Dip/MSc Advanced Nurse Practitioner, PG/Dip/MSc Children's Advanced Nurse Practitioner, PG Dip/MSc Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, PG Dip/MSc Advanced Nurse Practitioner (Mental Health)

University of Bradford

PG Dip/MSc Advanced Practice

University of Cumbria

MSc Advanced Practice

University of Huddersfield

MSc Advanced Clinical Practice

University of Plymouth

MSc Advanced Professional Practice (Clinical Practitioner)