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RCN Group Education, Learning and Development Strategy

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN), RCNi and RCN Foundation form the RCN Group and through August and September we undertook the first ever joint consultation to explore the UK RCN membership, staff and external stakeholder views on the future education, learning and development offer from the RCN Group.  

You can still take a look at the engagement presentation below where our Head of Practice Learning and Development, Dr Nichola Ashby, has narrated what we are hoping to achieve. The presentation informs you of the series of questions we asked and received good quality feedback on what you feel the priorities should be to deliver this new strategy.

The delivery of the RCN Group Education, Learning and Development Strategy for 2021-2024 will be developed from the engagement responses provided by the members and it will reach all our members across the UK, whether you are a nurse, midwife, health visitor, nursing associate, assistant practitioner, nursing support worker, student, trainee or cadet.

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Education, Learning and Development strategy consultation feedback

Please take a look at our consultation document (as either a flipbook or as a downloadable PDF). A Welsh version of the consultation is also available.

If you have any questions please email us at:

What have our members told us?

We have undertaken 14 online engagement events across the UK and our members have been telling us what they think the priorities should be for the RCN Group ELD Strategy.

The vision: Majority agreement with the proposed vision: 

‘To provide leadership and influence within health and social care, through excellent quality education, learning and development. Empowering nursing by providing evidence-based guidelines that support the UK future health care workforce requirements.’


"If you want to develop leaders you need to be more politically active…"
‘I like how the vision statement encompasses all the different roles within the health sector’

The proposed themes: 90% agree with the four proposed themes

Theme 1

The RCN Group should ensure the provision of evidence-based quality assured leadership education learning and development resources to develop skills knowledge and competence for all members of the nursing workforce.


"By providing different ways of learning: On the job, off the job and e-learnings."
‘As the Professional Body we should be leading the workforce, being clear what is safe and effective care’.

Theme 2

The RCN Group should ensure the provision of evidence-based education, learning and development to positively influence patient experiences and outcomes.


‘It needs to be broad …to be at all levels with credited and non accredited modules. It needs to be sustainable and accessible to all’.

Theme 3

The RCN Group should be the organisation leading the nursing workforce with resources underpinned by research and evidence-based guidance, providing the public with continued confidence in the nursing workforce in the delivery of safe and effective care.


 ‘This approach strengthens the RCN GROUPs position as the voice of Nursing - empowering nurses through education and development can only strengthen the position of Nurses in the healthcare arena’.

Theme 4

The RCN Group education, learning and development offer should empower the nursing workforce to lead the delivery of health and social care through enhanced effectiveness of practice and innovation?


“ALL staff (including all bands) need to be aware that they are included in the offer, not just registered staff; similarly, those working in the private sector and care homes need to have the same access and opportunities as those in the NHS.”

The key themes and messages from members are:

  • greater collaboration and partnership
  • developing leadership across all levels including political activism
  • uniting the trade union and professional sides of the organisation – supporting reps and activists more
  • promoting inclusivity and embracing diversity
  • supporting the nursing support workforce, students, those entering the profession and the international community
  • marketing our goods –making our resources easy to find, access and undertake.
  • multi-modal approaches to education and learning offers. 

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