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Sustainability and transformation partnerships

What are STPs?

STPs are local responses to the NHS £30 billion funding gap. 

This is the difference between funds needed to maintain current NHS services, and what the Government is proposing to spend by 2020/21. 

STPs outline how local savings will be made. On average, each STP area must make provision for saving around £450m by 20/21. 

In order to make these savings, STPs aim to change the way care is delivered across the country.

Common themes

  • Move more care to local community and social care
  • More integration of health and social care
  • Review specialised services
  • Prevention, proactive care and personal responsibility

RCN view

  • The RCN will not support anything that compromises patient care.
  • Nurses and workforce are crucial to safe staffing.
  • Money saving must not be the main driver.
  • Essential community services and social care must be properly funded.
  • Nursing staff must be consulted.

Read more about the RCN's view.

What you can do

  • Be informed - read your local STP (you can find this via the blue box on the top right).
  • Ask your manager how your service is linked into the STP.
  • Please raise any concerns you may have about the impact of STP proposals on your community with your employer
  • Contact your local MP
  • Lobby your local councillors
  • Find out when your local authority is holding an open meeting and go along to ensure you know what is happening and that your opinion is heard.
  • Contribute to your local STP consultations.
  • Tell people what is happening.

Page last updated - 03/08/2019