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  • Dame Donna Kinnair Dame Donna Kinnair 9 Jul 2020

    The health of our profession

    Donna Kinnair explains that behind the headlines, the latest data on the profession shows we need bold action and investment now.

  • RCN Northern Board members Janet Mortimer Janet Mortimer 9 Jul 2020

    I never looked back

    I’m coming to the end of my second term on the board. I came to it through being a rep and a branch executive committee member. I was a quiet, shy person before getting involved with the RCN, but my rep experience gave me the confidence to speak out and ask questions, feeling safe knowing I had support behind me.

  • Nicky Hughes Nicky Hughes 9 Jul 2020

    Behind the scenes: A day in the life of an RCN Wales Associate Director

    I’ve been a member for over 30 years, but it was only after I started working for the Royal College of Nursing earlier this year that I began to fully appreciate what it actually does! The RCN is both a professional body, promoting education, training and best practice, and a trade union. I oversee the trade union element of RCN Wales’ services.

  • Theresa Fyffe Theresa Fyffe 8 Jul 2020

    Let’s be comfortable with the clinical role in our care homes

    What’s in a word? Quite a lot it would seem for anyone following the debate around the terms ‘clinical’ and ‘homely’, says Theresa Fyffe.

  • NHS lanyards Lucy Muchina Lucy Muchina 8 Jul 2020

    Happy birthday NHS

    Time has flown so fast that it seems only the other day that we celebrated the 70th birthday of the NHS. The memories of that momentous occasion still linger for me.

  • Suzanne Monks Suzanne Monks 7 Jul 2020

    COVID 19 and nurse education - Our experience

    How COVID-19 has affected nurse education. With accounts from a level 6 nursing student, university lecturer and nurses on the front line, portraying their experience of nurse education in a student support and the mental health care setting.

  • Colette Datt Colette Datt 6 Jul 2020

    Can we champion Patient Experience during a pandemic?

    Colette Datt (RGN, RN Child, BSC (Child Health) MSc (Allergy) is the Lead Nurse for Patient Experience and Public Participation at West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust reflects on her experience over the last 6 weeks whilst working in an NHS Trust.

  • Tracey Risebrow Tracey Risebrow 6 Jul 2020

    Why you should consider joining the RCN Eastern Board

    I have been part of the RCN for many years and in recent years wanted to get my voice heard more and make a positive contribution to the governance of the RCN. I was elected to the Eastern Region board and I am the current chair.   I thought I knew how the RCN worked but being a board member has given me greater insight into the governance processes within the RCN and I am now a working part of those governance processes.

  • Ondine Shumka Ondine Shumka 6 Jul 2020

    The Face of Caring in a COVID ICU

    Returning to work clinically during a pandemic.

  • Pat Cullen Pat Cullen 4 Jul 2020

    Play your part in making nursing history as we celebrate our past

    As we celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the NHS, it is an opportunity to reflect.