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  • Dr Denise Chaffer Dr Denise Chaffer 21 Oct 2021

    It has never been more important to value our nursing staff

    Dr Denise Chaffer reflects on the value of nursing staff and the work that nurses and health care support workers do every day.

  • RCN Scotland indicative ballot logo Julie Lamberth Julie Lamberth 20 Oct 2021

    Whatever your view, use your vote in our indicative ballot

    The RCN needs to understand members' strength of feeling on industrial action to determine the next steps on pay, says Julie Lamberth.

  • Pat Cullen Pat Cullen 14 Oct 2021

    Celebrating the achievements of members across the UK

    In her weekly update, Pat Cullen, General Secretary and Chief Executive, celebrates the achievements of members across the UK and discusses her meetings with the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and Chair of the Health and Care Select Committee.

  • Estephanie Dunn Estephanie Dunn 7 Oct 2021

    The need to find order in the chaos

    NW Regional Director Estephanie Dunn on the challenges and successes of the past months.

  • Susan Aitkenhead Susan Aitkenhead 7 Oct 2021

    Supporting our members to lead change

    Susan Aitkenhead reflects on how RCN members are influencing nursing locally, nationally and internationally. 

  • David Vickers David Vickers 6 Oct 2021

    How can retired members get involved in the RCN?

    The RCN is the voice of nursing, and that voice is made up of its members. As retired members, our voices remain an integral part of the organisation and we continue to contribute our experience and expertise.

  • Jan Sinclair Jan Sinclair 6 Oct 2021

    Using Moving Medicine to increase activity conversations with patients

    As a nurse who is passionate about improving the outcomes for my patients and specifically those with Long Term Conditions, I want to spread the word about a fantastic resource out there which supports our conversations relating to the benefits of physical activity for these patients and how they can improve their daily living by being more active.

  • Sunday Babanumi Sunday Babanumi 4 Oct 2021

    Providing a voice for Nursing Support Workers

     Rep for the NSW Committee in the North West, Sunday Babanumi, explains how the RCN can support you. 

  • BJ Waltho BJ Waltho 30 Sep 2021

    Reflections on RCN21

    Chair of Congress BJ Waltho turns her thoughts to this year’s programme of CPD events.

  • Stephanie Aiken Stephanie Aiken 30 Sep 2021

    Black History Month fireside chat with Ben Hunte

    This October, RCN Northern and Yorkshire and the Humber regions will be marking Black History Month in conversation with former BBC News Correspondent Ben Hunte.