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'We need to talk about assisted dying'

Kevin shares his point of view on this emotive subject

How to speak powerfully to a politician

Bring them into your world with real-life nursing stories

Moving on from a mistake

Blame culture doesn't help anyone, says Carol

'Hello, my name is...'

Nursing students at Northumbria University now have their names embroidered onto uniforms

‘I’m not the only nurse who’s had to file for bankruptcy’

Zoe* thought becoming a nurse would offer security, but instead she was overwhelmed with debt

Cost-of-living crisis: 'This is a fight for the pay you deserve'

Nursing support staff are facing financial pressures. It's time to fight back

Lucky to be left with £50 a month

Low pay and rising costs means some nurses like Aisha* face overwhelming debt

Digital appointments: no one size fits all

The pros and cons of remote consultations and the training that’s needed to protect us all

'We must end nurse exploitation'

Zeba says it’s time to demand more for overseas nursing staff

Nursing our planet

Environmentally friendly, sustainable health care should be a priority for all of us

Gender identity: 'These conversations are vital'

We need to talk about and respect people’s gender pronouns, says Liz Curr

'We’ve noticed a massive increase in anxiety'

As we emerge from the pandemic, school nurses are playing an increasingly vital role

'Every rep had their views listened to'

Anne tells us how getting involved in RCN projects can improve your professional skills

Can you help find the 14,000?

The number of men having treatment for prostate cancer has been severely affected by the pandemic

Development is for everyone

NSWs deserve to grow too, says practice development nurse Louise

'It's just a finger prick'

Nursing associate LeaSuwanna explains how important and easy it is to get tested for HIV

Coming together in COVID times

Being redeployed to a post-COVID ward affirmed Audrey's love of nursing

‘English is like a foreign language for some Deaf people’

Why we need more nursing staff who are Deaf or fluent in British Sign Language

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