Flex to retain

Helen supported a member to stay in nursing following cancer treatment

Five tips for talking about fair pay

Speaking to the public about nursing pay? Ged shares his advice

Meet our International Committee

We take a closer look at the committee's work, role and how it functions within the RCN

Join our fight

Find out what’s happening in each part of the UK as we continue the fight for fair pay

Telephone service a lifeline for shielding nurses

Vicky’s discharge service is an unexpected source of support for housebound staff

'One mistake doesn't make you a bad person'

Carol's created better support for staff in the aftermath of workplace safety incidents

Collaboration is key

Donna and Hamira are combining their rep roles to combat inequality

Surprise benefits of going digital

The RCN Education Forum’s online conference helped members reconnect after a difficult year

'A powerful tool for change'

How to use our groundbreaking new Nursing Workforce Standards where you work

The day the NHS arrived

On 5 July 1948, health care professionals rolled up their sleeves for a historic day at work

Congress is coming

Our first hybrid event will offer something for everyone

Forum for change

Ali explains why being part of a forum steering committee is rewarding and worthwhile

How the government decides NHS pay

The Pay Review Body process explained

Kerry's fight for justice

After a life-changing accident, the RCN helped Kerry get compensation

Getting rid of false fines

Helen’s fighting to get hospital parking problems fixed where she works

Job evaluation success

Bernie used RCN guidance to get more than 50 staff moved up to a higher pay band

'Students can roar loudly'

How student ambassadors are playing a crucial role in RCN campaigns

Workplace inclusion cafe

Larissa's empowering nursing staff by celebrating diversity

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