‘Don’t get angry – get organised’

We’re starting to build a new approach to engage, educate and empower members to be a force for change in their workplaces and communities

Industrial action explained

Find out what it means to take industrial action and what statutory requirements must be met for it to be lawful

How to challenge poor leadership

Sally Bassett from the RCN Nurses in Management and Leadership Forum offers tips on identifying and responding to inadequate leadership

Reflective journal writing: how can it help?

Discover the benefits of writing down your thoughts and how to get started.

Supporting the families of members who’ve died due to COVID-19

 Working with employers, we’re helping members’ families make claims under the coronavirus life assurance schemes


Forever changed

Twelve months after critical care nurse Dawn’s emotional plea to panic buyers went viral, she talks about the toll the pandemic has taken on her and how it’s shifted perceptions of the profession

Starting a mindfulness meditation practice

Jessica explains how starting a meditation practice has supported her wellbeing during the pandemic and offers some tips to those wanting to try it out

No-one should die alone

Lisa Dodd reflects on the difference personalised nursing can make, after working in a role in end of life care set up in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

On the road in Orkney

Calum Smith reflects on the benefits his role brings to the community team in a rural area

Proning: your questions answered

Patients in intensive care units are benefiting from an intervention known as proning to help improve low blood oxygen levels

Talking about trauma

RCN learning rep Fraser Smith is helping members working in care homes manage experiences of trauma throughout the pandemic

Nursing in a pandemic: your mental health

Daniel Beglin, a student mental health nurse, shares his tips for looking after your wellbeing during lockdown

Healing and rebuilding

The fight for fair pay, supporting wellbeing at work and looking to the future – 12 months on from the start of the pandemic, RCN reps come together at our online conference

Eliza’s lessons: infection control in 1887

How did nursing staff deal with infectious diseases in the 19th century? This nursing student’s notes reveal parallels with the COVID-19 pandemic

How is the government deciding NHS pay?

The government has confirmed it will use the Pay Review Body process to determine a pay award for NHS staff this summer. Here's how it works

ECMO: the machine that breathes for you

Nurse consultant Jo-anne explains how this lifesaving technology is being used to oxygenate the blood of people with severe COVID-19 symptoms