Inside a mass vaccination centre

Louise shares a day in her life as clinical coordinator of a COVID-19 vaccination centre in Newport

ECMO: the machine that breathes for you

Nurse consultant Jo-anne explains how this lifesaving technology is being used to oxygenate the blood of people with severe COVID-19 symptoms

COVID-19 variants: our fight for your safety

As new variants of COVID-19 are identified, the RCN is demanding that nursing staff in all settings are adequately protected

‘Now’s the time to make a difference’

After witnessing the pressures her colleagues were facing during the pandemic, Jennifer Fox was determined to give them support and signed up to become an RCN steward

Five ways to embrace your inner leader

An RCN forum project encourages all nursing staff to recognise and value themselves as leaders

Eating for endurance

Nutritional therapist Nicola shares her advice for preparing quick and easy energy boosting food

Fairer blood donation rules spell huge shift for LGBT+ equality

Jason Warriner reflects on recent changes that will make blood donation policy in England more inclusive and increase the overall number of people who can donate

Proning: your questions answered

Patients in intensive care units are benefiting from an intervention known as proning to help improve low blood oxygen levels

Prioritising dignity

Alex puts patients top of the agenda in her role as chair of the patient and carer dignity group at Velindre Cancer Centre

Time to talk vaccinations

Nursing support workers have a vital role in the COVID-19 vaccination programme, says RCN public health lead Helen Donovan

‘I wanted to stand up and improve things for myself and others’

New student member of RCN Council Shaun Williams shares the student causes he’s keen to champion

‘If we can get through this, what can stop us?’

Mental health student nurse James Savage talks about working through the pandemic, getting the COVID-19 vaccine, and staying positive in difficult times

Appy days

These apps could help support your studies, career and wellbeing

In conversation with our new RCN Deputy President

Tracey Budding tells us about her nursing career, what she wants to achieve in her new role and her hopes for the future

‘Education is empowerment’

RCN learning rep Andrew Tumilson transformed staff culture in his workplace by introducing clinical education sessions for members

Leading positive change

RCN steward Patrick Simbule helped secure protected time for mandatory training enabling staff to develop their skills and improving patient care