Informing the nursing profession and sharing members’ stories

Social solutions

General practice nurse manager Joyce has created a new model for social prescribing that helps reassure and motivate patients

10 tips for job searching

Will 2020 be the year that you make a fresh start in your career? Julie Watkins, RCN careers coach, shares her top tips on searching for jobs.

Torn but determined

For the first time in the 103-year history of the RCN, nursing staff have been on strike in Northern Ireland. They talk about how it feels to be joining picket lines

Ask an adviser: violence at work

Everyone has the right to be safe at work no matter what setting they're employed in. Here are the steps members should follow if they're assaulted at work

Knife crime: how nursing can help

Specialist nurse Dorcas Gwata explains the potential for nurses to prevent stabbings and help turn young lives around

Challenging perceptions

RCN member Jay has overcome huge obstacles to forge a fulfilling career as a radiology heath care assistant

Terrified of being newly qualified?

We ask four newly qualified nurses (NQNs) from across the different disciplines to give tips and advice on transitioning from student to NQN