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Photographic Collection

The photographs in the RCN archive come from many sources. Personal papers collections often have associated photographs dating from a nurses’ training days and career and gifted to our archive: images of groups of nurses in uniform gathered for an official photograph, prize-givings and graduations from a news service, snaps taken by friends or a portrait taken in a studio by a photographer

We also collect images from across the RCN departments and from staff, dating from the origins of the College in 1916 to the recent centenary celebrations and events. These include images of conferences, the annual general meetings, Congress and other events. Some images are now collected digitally.

The main body of the collection is largely un-catalogued although some series have been digitised. There are some colour prints and a variety of negatives (35mm safety film and glass from 4" x 5" up to 8" x 10"). The archive also holds separate collections of slides (reference S, listed); lantern slides (reference LS, listed) and posters (not yet catalogued).

You can select images from a range supplied by our commercial partner the Mary Evans Picture Library