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Florence Nightingale Letters and Pamphlets Collection

Florence Nightingale was a prolific letter writer. This unique collection contains handwritten letters from her on topics such as her family, army supplies and sanitation. It also includes letters from her associates on county medical officers and the health of the rural poor. There are copies of printed letters to nurses and probationers and copies of pamphlets about Nightingale. A selection of reports on the Army and Sanitation which Nightingale influenced are also included.

This collection is available for research at the RCN Archives in Edinburgh. Please contact the Archives in advance of your first visit.

33 handwritten letters from Florence Nightingale, dated from 1855 to 1902, have been digitised in collaboration with the Florence Nightingale Digitization Project and are available to view here

The Florence Nightingale Digitization Project is a collaborative international venture hosted by the Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center, Boston University, which has collected nearly 1900 letters handwritten or narrated by Florence Nightingale. The entire collection can be viewed here