Library Europe's largest nursing-specific collection

Special Collections

The RCN library and archive collections are the largest of their kind in the world.

A unique collection of material on British nurses and nursing.

Our collections date from the 1870s to the present day. They capture the evolution and development of nursing through the 20th-21st Centuries.

Royal College of Nursing Corporate Archive

A century of records detailing the work of the College as a professional association and trade union.

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Oral History Collection

A collection of over 700 oral history interviews with nurses.  

See the Archives Catalogue for more detail.

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Printed Collection

Over 8500 books and other printed material dating from 1870.

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Personal nursing libraries donated to the Royal College of Nursing including the Lucy Seymer and Cecilia Cory Collections.

Historical Nursing Journals

Over 250 journals dating from 1888-1987. 

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You can search the journal finder for our historical titles.

Search The Nursing Record - British Journal of Nursing 1888-1956

Florence Nightingale Collection

25 books from Nightingale's personal library from 1841.

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Handwritten letters by Nightingale 1855 - 1902 and contemporary pamphlets and reports.

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Royal College of Nursing Publications

A collection of pamphlets and books published by the Royal College of Nursing including guidance, annual reports, commissioned research and promotional literature dating from 1919.

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More on the Study of Nursing Care and RCN Research Series

Rare Books Collection

Over 100 rare and unique early nursing and health care books 1614 - 1870.

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Nurses' Personal Papers

A pool of evidence illustrating nurses' real livesand careers from 1822 - to present including letters, certificates and diaries.

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Photographic Collection

Over 5,000 prints showing nurses, nursing and hospitals from the 1900s to 1980s.

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Badges and Medals Collection

Over 8,000 nursing and hospital badges donated to the Royal College of Nursing.

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Steinberg Collection

Over 1500 nursing doctoral theses 1958 - to present.

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Postcard Collection

Over 2000 nursing and hospital postcards donated to the Royal College of Nursing.

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Nursing Organisation Collections

Papers donated to the Royal College of Nursing by other UK nursing organisations.

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Search Queens Nursing Institute for Scotland

Nursing Registers

Registers from across the UK including the General Nursing Councils from 1921 - 1968; Burdett’s Directories from 1898 - 1899, and the Royal College of Nursing members 1916-1923 are available at 

For more information see our family history pages

Florence Nightingale Foundation Scholars' Reports Collection

Over 440 reports comparing UK and international nursing practice from 1990 - to present.

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Service scrapbooks

Explore the lives of 10 First World War nurses, through diaries and scrapbooks filled with their own words, sketches and photographs.