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  • Back care Kim Sunley Kim Sunley 8 Oct 2018

    Healthcare employers need to be ‘back aware’ to retain an ageing nursing workforce

    The theme of this week’s annual back care awareness week is back pain in older adults.

  • Women doing yoga at home Ruth Samuel Ruth Samuel 10 Jul 2018

    5 ways you can practise self-care on a budget

    Caring for yourself is usually a big challenge when money is tight. It can be the last thing on your mind and full of hurdles. As an adviser in the Lamplight Support Service many nursing professionals I speak to are grappling with this. Here are some tips to keep up with self-care while on a budget that have been recommended by RCN members and staff.

  • Denise McLaughlin Denise McLaughlin 13 Mar 2018

    Nutrition and Hydration Week – It’s for nursing staff too

    Like many of you I was horrified but sadly not surprised to read the testimonies from the RCN’s survey on safe staffing. Nurses going 14 hours without a drink, holding on for the toilet and colleagues developing kidney stones.

  • Cup of tea Tanja Koch Tanja Koch 16 Feb 2018

    Random Acts of Kindness Day

    Tomorrow it is Random Acts of Kindness Day and it got me thinking about the work I do together with the nursing family.