Become an RCN rep

You can become more involved with the work of the RCN by becoming a learning rep, safety rep or steward. Find out about the benefits of being an RCN rep and how to become one.  

Becoming an RCN rep gives you the chance to make a real difference to your patients, the working lives of yourself and your colleagues - and even the future of nursing. 

If you are an RCN member and a registered nurse or a health care assistant in employment, you can apply to become an RCN learning representative, safety representative or steward.  Being a rep is rewarding. You will get support from a close community of reps and RCN staff.  Ongoing learning and development will help you become active as a rep and you will learn new skills which can enhance your nursing role.  Students are not eligible to become reps, however, there are other ways you can get involved as a student member.

Start by reading the Becoming an RCN Representative booklet.  You can print out the application form at the back, complete it and send it to your local RCN office. Alternatively register your interest online

Once we have received your application, someone will then contact you to arrange an informal chat to discuss the role.  This will give you an opportunity to talk through any questions you might have.  More information about the application process is detailed in the booklet.

As an RCN representative, you are:

  • fully supported by RCN staff and by a network of other representatives throughout the UK
  • specially trained, with your continuing learning and development needs met by the RCN
  • encouraged to access a specialist area on the RCN's website, which contains a wide range of resources
  • kept up-to-date with news and information via your own monthly newsletter, Activate
  • invited to attend national conferences and events
  • entitled to a 25 per cent discount off the member rate for RCN conferences organised solely by the RCN
  • eligible to receive a special RCN award that recognises your hard work and achievements.

Where the RCN has a recognition agreement with an employer, trade union reps have statutory right to reasonable, paid time off from employment to carry out union duties.  All NHS and many independent sector employers have recognition agreements with the RCN but if you do not think your organisation has one, please talk to your RCN regional office about how we might work together to negotiate support and time-off for the role.

As a newly recruited representative, you'll start by attending a foundation module. On successful completion you will move on to your chosen development module which prepares you for your role as RCN learning rep, safety rep or steward. 

Once you’ve completed your foundation and development modules you will be eligible to attend continuing learning and development workshops and events for reps to maintain and develop your skills.  

The Value of Reps

What we give: RCN reps talk about the contribution they make

The Value of Reps Changemakers Conference

What we gain: Reps talk about what they have gained from their role

The Value of Reps

The Value of RCN Reps: in our own words

Find out more from reps themselves about the many ways in which they help members and organisations, and how being a rep has changed their lives for the better.

Find out more about the role of a learning rep, safety rep and steward

Learning reps

Support the ambitions of our members by promoting learning and career development.

Safety reps

Help to ensure our members operate within a healthy and safe working environment.


Protect the rights of our members, ensuring fair treatment on all employment related matters.