Lamplight Support Service

The Lamplight team supports the nursing community to adapt to change or deal with pressures adversely affecting their financial situation.

Our telephone service is provided in partnership with the RCN Foundation and its charitable funding enables us to extend support to all healthcare assistants, nurses and midwives - whether an RCN member or not.

How we can support you

Lamplight’s friendly and professional team have the expertise to provide tailored advice and information on:

  • Eligibility for welfare benefits and tax credits;
  • Assessing a household’s financial capability to meet its outgoings;  
  • Ways to increase income and reduce expenditure;
  • Setting an action plan to enable individuals to take steps to improve their financial wellbeing;
  • Additional services that could benefit the individual.

In some cases, we may be able to provide a one-off charitable payment through the RCN Foundation. Before being considered for financial assistance we require individuals to:

  • Apply for all benefits they may be eligible for;
  • Take reasonable steps to increase household income and reduce household outgoings, which includes a partner’s income/expenditure and contributions from non-dependants;
  • Access specialist debt advice, if needed;
  • Complete a comprehensive budget and provide supporting documents, including bank statements.

Further details about the financial assistance available can be found in the guide to financial assistance

For details of other charities that might be able to assist visit the Turn2us website.

Are you eligible for support?

Check the support available to you

See what assistance you might receive from Lamplight by completing our self-serve questionnaire.

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Guide to financial assistance

Read about our eligibility criteria, when we may be able to help and the grant application process.
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COVID-19 and your finances

If you're struggling financially as a result of Covid-19 (coronavirus), read our advice on entitlements and support that may be available to you, including benefits, grants, and what to do if you're struggling with rent, mortgage or creditors

Advice Guides

Medical leave request

Are you on sick leave?

Advice on possible benefits you could claim if you're off sick.
Low income

Are you looking for work or on a low income?

Advice on benefits and other support that might be available.
Are you a carer

Are you a carer?

Advice for carers on benefits, exemptions and other support.
Are you worried about meeting housing costs

Are you worried about meeting your housing costs?

Advice on your options if you can't pay your rent or mortgage.
Nurse in Coronavirus triage bay

Are you self-employed or working through agencies?

Advice on possible entitlements and support if you're agency or self-employed

Are you looking for further charitable financial assistance?

If you're looking for other funds, free furniture, information on food banks and more, there are sources to explore.

Are you a student?

Find out about financial support and assistance available to students, as well as advice on bursaries, benefits, housing, saving money and budgeting.

Are adult children living with you and not paying rent?

If you share your home with a non-dependant it can affect your entitlement to certain benefits.

Are you facing a short-term cashflow issue?

When you’ve got essential costs to meet, pay day can seem a long way off. Below are some options that you may wish to explore.

Are you looking for ways to save money?

Keeping a spending diary might help you keep track of your spending habits and financial situation.

Are you looking for a bursary?

If you are looking for a bursary rather than a hardship grant, there are funds available including from the RCN Foundation.

How to access the service

Need further advice?

Before contacting the service, we encourage you to view the advice guides located on the main Lamplight page, as these may answer your query without the need to wait for an appointment.

If you do need to speak with someone about the Lamplight Support Service, please contact the RCN advice team:

  • RCN members can call RCN Direct on 0345 772 6100;
  • Individuals not in RCN membership can call 0345 772 6200.

Once you've booked an appointment, please remember to complete our pre-appointment questionnaire.

Pre-appointment questionnaire

Once you've booked an appointment, you'll need to complete the pre-appointment questionnaire.

How to cancel your appointment

Please cancel your appointment if you can’t make it so someone else can have it. You can cancel by:

  • Replying “CANCEL” to the automated text message that you receive confirming the time of your appointment.
  • Emailing with your name and time of appointment.
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Registered charity number: 1134606 (England and Wales) SC043663 (Scotland)