It can feel frustrating to see the same client again and again, and not see any positive change.

Part of the problem is that we do not correctly gauge whether people are ready to change in the first place.

If a patient is not ready, they should leave it and wait until a more appropriate time. Ploughing on with the process regardless will leave you both frustrated at getting a negative result.
The real challenge is to recognise whether the person is ready to make a change in the first place and to ensure they are making the decisions for themselves. We are so used to telling people what to do that often we don’t recognise that it might be the patient’s own fault when the change process does not work well.

Some of the techniques in this resource will help you to improve your communication skills and your ability to see where you client is on their change journey.

Remember that you are not:

arguing that a person has a problem and needs to change
offering advice without a client’s permission
doing most of talking
diagnosing a person’s problem
responsible for making that person change.

If they are not ready to change, leave the door open and part on good terms.

Page last updated - 03/08/2019