Digital skills

Digital creation, innovation and scholarship

Creating and producing digital content is a process that draws on capabilities from other domains. Information and media literacies are used. Digital content can be any combination of text, graphics, audio and video.

This domain highlights the need for a design mindset. Typically this means co-developing solutions to problems with patients and citizens.

This domain involves you demonstrating:

  • the ability to create new digital resources and/or curate existing ones working individually or in collaboration with others
  • the ability to use digital technologies and tools to support research/scholarship activities
  • the ability to use digital technologies to support or create new ways of doing things
  • the ability to act as a digital champion or change agent
  • the ability to demonstrate and champion the effective, appropriate, creative and innovative use of digital technologies in research, scholarship, presentation, collaboration, teaching and learning activities.

(HEE digital literacy domain descriptors)


  • I can work with patients and citizens to co-design and co-develop digitally enabled ways of working.
  • I can create and modify multimedia components using a range of software.


  • I can work as part of a team that responds to digital challenges and opportunities.
  • I can act as an advocate for new ways  of working.


  • I can help shape the research agenda for digital innovation.

Activity ideas and resources

Open University. Being digital
Open University. Being digital. Introduction to referencing
University of Sydney. eHealth: more than just an electronic record. MOOC. Coursera. This eHealth course consists of five modules and takes about five weeks to complete.