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Independent Health and Social Care Sector strategy 

In 2019, the RCN Council committed to developing a strategy for our members in the Independent Health and Social Care Sector and we have delivered.

A vision was developed with members from a range of areas and our vision for change is:

  • The RCN will understand and engage with the Independent health and social care sector better, so we can more effectively represent and support our members. 
  • Their value and contribution will be recognised and amplified through the RCN as the voice of nursing and through fair and equal representation and active participation from branch to council. 
  • Through better knowledge, understanding and representation our improved tailored membership offer will be explained with clarity and in language familiar to members in the Independent Health and Social Care Sector. RCN services should be of the same standard for all our members. 

Listening to our members we have developed a transformational plan that will begin a journey of change and this change has already started. Work is already underway, and we have been seeking to respond to our members needs and concerns throughout the pandemic.

We have influenced on your behalf government policy and actions in response to the pandemic.  We will build on this work as we move forward, over the past year we have delivered seminars, webinars, Facebook networks across the countries and there will be further opportunities for members to engage.  

Work has begun on developing a pay terms and conditions strategy and you will hear more about this in early 2021. RCN Council is committed to delivering on this plan but can only do through listening and engaging with you, our members.

Strategy Board meeting key messages

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